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We have an opportunity to seek the Lord first in all we do (Matthew 6:33). Because we, as transformed followers of Christ, can’t afford to “compartmentalize” our walk with Christ, it’s important that we take next steps in our faith by sifting everything through the lens of prayer.

Let’s live in a way that prayer is our default setting; a first response and not a last resort.

As Chapel Pointe continues to follow Jesus with all that we are, we solicit your prayers as the leadership also takes these steps to root ourselves in prayer and know that we are responding to Holy Spirit. Can you imagine the power of prayer if each individual at Chapel Pointe were to be intentional with prayer leading up to our Elder Retreat this weekend?

James 5:16 reminds us that our prayers MATTER and make a difference if we are living righteous lives. We’ve placed a plea before you to be apart of a Churchwide Fast from January 31st at 5 pm to February 1st at 5 pm. Won’t you join us in this effort?

Pray privately. Pray corporately. Pray with fasting and without ceasing.

We want to see Him accomplish more than we could ever ask or imagine – that’s been a consistent prayer of CP that He consistently answers. Let’s not stop praying for it! (Eph 3:20)

Pastor Nathan