We know that sometimes church can be intimidating, especially if you’re walking into a big room full of unfamiliar faces. We believe that the Christian life is a shared faith journey as we follow Christ together. To help you take next steps we provide a variety of environments that are intentionally smaller and more personal where you can get connected. Our Small Groups are designed to share life together in community. Classes are learning experiences to help you grow. Join the journey with us!


Pointe Electives

Pointe Electives are a great way to take advantage of spiritual growth opportunities which will deepen your faith journey. These learning experiences help you engage with biblical truth for life transformation as you follow Christ. Each class is taught by godly and gifted teachers who instruct with prayerful dependence on the Holy Spirit using effective teaching methods. They are prepared to help learners grow in their Head (knowledge, understanding and wisdom), Heart (faith, love and desire for God), and Hands (actions, obedience and skills) leading to your next steps as a Christ follower. [Colossians 1:9-10]

Caleb's Kin

Caleb’s Kin is a ministry to mobilize those over 60 to Christ-like engagement in life’s fourth quarter. Click the button below to find out what’s next. We can’t wait to fellowship with you!