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We have the opportunity to Be The Church this Christmas season to families right in our community. Through our partnership with several local schools, including El Puente just down the street, we are providing gifts for parents to give their kids, a family gift basket and an opportunity for you to pray for them! Over 100 families will be encouraged by your generousity!

 So where do you come in?

Your family or small group can ‘adopt’ a local family and provide a family gift basket with all the things that make an amazing Christmas experience. You may wrap your gifts in a basket, tote or bag–please just make sure it is all bundled and self-contained together. We suggest each basket be have a value of $100-150 in an effort to support as many families as possible. If your small group would like to share more generosity, we recommend you ‘adopt’ an additional family and create another basket. ** A ministry partner will be gifting 2 toys per child in each family and this gift basket is intended to provide an intentional family night to celebrate the joy of Christmas!

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  1. Create a Family Gift Basket which may include:
  • Game
  • Movie
  • Book
  • Craft/activity
  • Hot cocoa / coffee / tea
  • Popcorn / snacks
  • Fuzzy socks / stockings / blankets
  • Any other family Christmas favorites!
  1. Write a card and pray over the family you’ve ‘adopted’!
  2. Bring your basket to CP with 2 rolls of wrapping paper and tape. Gift Basket drop-off at CP December 14, 4-8pm (entrance A upstairs).