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CP Creative Requests



To help make it easy for you to submit media requests to the Communications Team for support, we’ve created the following form:

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Complete the request form below and submit.
Step 2: Your request will be queued and a Communications Team member will reach out to you with next steps.
Step 3: Final files or ordering will be completed based on the approved timeline for the request.


A few quick things to know about the request process:
  • All projects and requests are subject to review and approval. On occasion, a request may be declined or rescheduled due to other activities within the church.
  • Requests will be evaluated based on content, application, target market, branding, and consistency to the CP voice.
  • All requests will be processed within 24hrs after submission, Monday-Thursday. Requests submitted Friday-Saturday will be processed on Monday.
What about timeframes?

Some requests take longer than others to complete and depend on how complete the information is that you provide in your request, Comms Team existing queue, and overall church requirements. To help you plan ahead, we’ve included timeframes below for the minimum time required from request submission to need-by date.

  • Graphics / Branding: 3 weeks
  • Print: 6 weeks (4 weeks for design, proofing, review + 2 weeks for production)
  • Promotion Requests: 4 weeks
  • Emails: 3 weeks
  • Apparel: 6 weeks (2 weeks for design + 4 weeks for ordering and production)
  • Update to Existing Webpage: 1 week
  • New Webpage / Large Webpage Update: 3 weeks

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