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Men who are followers of Christ are on the adventure of a lifetime. It is a shared journey with other guys who encourage our faith, challenge our walk, and enjoy real friendships. At Chapel Pointe, our Men’s Ministry leads men to become transformed followers of Christ through intentional spiritual relationships. Check out some of these ministries for your on ramp to the adventure!

Thursday Evening Inductive Bible Studies

How well do you know God’s word? In a Precept study, you will learn to discover what scripture says, how to interpret scripture accurately, and how to apply scripture practically using God’s word as your primary source.

Titus – Developing Character and Integrity in the Midst of a Society Which Has Lost Respect for God
How do you live with integrity in a nation without morals? Can the church effectively engage and change this destructive condition in our society? How does your life reflect your faith? You can change the culture into which God has called you. This study begins April 18 and will meet at CP in room 215 on Thursday nights at 8 pm. CLICK HERE to sign up. Registration form expires on April 18! For more information, please contact: Scott Meier

1 John and 2 & 3 John – How to Know You Have Eternal Life 
How do you know if you’re really born again? What does it mean to be holy. . . to love God? Find answers to these and other questions as you take a look back at the fundamentals of Christian beliefs. This study will run for 8 weeks beginning April 11th thru the last week in May.  This study begins April 11 and will meet at Dan Jackson’s home on Thursdays from 7:30-9:00 PM. CLICK HERE to sign up. Registration form expires on April 11! For more information, please contact: Terry Troeger

Every Man A Warrior

This series brings the disciple-making process to where men live every day – “where the rubber meets the road.”  It teaches men how to apply biblical principles to every area of their lives – their walk with God, marriage, management of money, raising children, purity, etc. It provides a framework for men to live a life of purpose and meaning to the glory of God. If you are interested in knowing more about being included in one of our Every Man a Warrior groups, please email Robb Hughes.

Sports Ministry

We know that athletics play a very important role in the lives of many families. We strive to use our Sports Ministry to create environments where relationships can be formed and strengthened. Our goal is not to simply build relationships among Chapel Pointe attendees, but to provide opportunities to connect with friends and families who aren’t familiar with our ministries. Most importantly, our desire is to use athletics to build a bridge between Chapel Pointe and the Hudsonville/Jenison community, while also communicating and showing the love of Christ to all those involved! Check out all Chapel Pointe has to offer by visiting our Sports Ministry page.