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Not ready to attend services in person? We are thankful that live-streaming of our services will continue to be a part of how we connect for worship. If we all selflessly love one another during this time and put others first, the transition is going to be a time where we will see God move in ways we cannot even imagine.

Quick Facts and Answers about the Reopening Plan

Why are we we making plans to open our doors?

The elders and leadership team have invested much prayer, thought, and fasting every step of the way and are unified in where the church is headed. They have not taken the decisions they make lightly and care tremendously for the people they lead and the community at large.

While the current stay-at-home order is scheduled to expire June 12, we know that Michigan, beginning on March 24 with Executive Order 2020-21, will not penalize churches that gather — “Consistent with prior guidance, a place of religious worship, when used for religious worship, is not subject to penalty under section 14.”

We trust that each individual will have to choose whether it is in their best interest to attend. We are asking those that are sick, are in a vulnerable population, as well as those that might feel uncomfortable attending to stay home and join us on livestream. We are a unified body of believers, even when we are apart.

Will masks be mandatory? What about maintaining 6 feet?
Masks are not mandatory. We will leave that up to each individual to make the decision to wear a mask or not. We know you haven’t seen each other in a long time, but not everyone is ready yet for a handshake or a hug. We would love your help to create an environment that is comfortable for the majority, so that means limiting personal contact as much as possible for the time being. By being courteous, even if we don’t agree, we can prove that our love for one another is even more real than our hug or handshake!
What is the church doing to keep things clean?
We are following CDC recommendations for cleaning, hand sanitizer will be available, and high touch points will be thoroughly sanitized before, during and after each service. While we are doing our part to keep things clean, we know that it is up to each individual to choose whether it is in their best interest to attend. Please know that you come at your own risk.
Will cpKids be open?

cpKids is limited and only available up to 5 years of age for the 9am and 11am services (and we need to know they are coming ahead of time!). When you RSVP for the service that you are attending, you will also RSVP your kids. Family Guest Services will assist you at the cpKids check-in desk outside the preschool area. Kids will be meeting in the preschool area. We want you to know that we are here to serve and care for your younger kids and are taking some extra precautions to help keep them safe, but know that it is not possible to keep small children from touching each other. If you have specific questions, please send them to Carolyn Norkus, cnorkus@chapel-pointe.org.

Parents — we know you might miss being able to attend worship without your kids, but you’ve got this! Your kids will get to see you worshiping God passionately, just like they have at home! That’s a win. Feel free to bring some crayons or markers and we’ll have something to help keep them engaged during the service.

Where do I park? What happens once I arrive for worship?

The doors will open 20 minutes before the start of each service. If you RSVP for the gym, you will park in the west parking lot and come in Entrance A. If you RSVP for the worship center, you will park in the new, lower parking lot and come in Entrance C. When you arrive, you will be asked to find a place to sit. Please be respectful of those around you.

What happens when it is time to leave after worship?
You will be dismissed at the end of the service and asked to exit out the door you came in. This will allow our cleaning team to prepare for our next service. In the worship center, you will be able to exit from the back of the room and the glass doors that lead to the parking lot.
Should Small Groups meet face-to-face?
We are so grateful for the CP small groups during this time. The prayer, care and ministry has been an expression of the love of Christ to one another and our community.  Zoom or other digital platforms have made it possible for us to meet and see one another. There is a distinction between churches meeting in worship at the church building and groups meeting in homes according to our state government. In light of that, we will continue to meet in small groups as we have been. When limitations on the size of gatherings significantly change, we will open the door to face-to-face small group meetings. At that time, the decision to meet will be up to each group.  Participation in the group will be up to each individual.  In the spirit of Christ-like love, please be patient and sensitive to each member of your group and their level of comfort as we begin to re-engage face-to-face.
Is the building open?
For the time being, the building will only be used for worship services on Sunday mornings once we reopen and staff use as they return to the office. We will post updates about building usage for Bible studies and other gatherings as those decisions are made.

Do you have questions? We are here for you.

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