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Our heart at Chapel Pointe is to help equip you to share the hope of Jesus, grow deeper in your faith, and experience spiritual transformation.

Speak Series Resources


In a world that seems broken, confused, and in constant conflict, Jesus speaks truth with clarity and grace. We should be talking about this. Click here for message notes, small group guides, leader resources, family resource guides and more!

Sermon Based Small Group Guides


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COVID-19 Prayer Guide


John Reading Plan

Join us through the Jesus series as we read through the gospel of John! Download the John Reading Plan by clicking below.


Prayer is one of the greatest ways we can root ourselves in Christ and experience Him working supernaturally in our lives. We put this resource together to help equip your prayer time with what the Bible says about some of the most important areas of our daily life. Use this tool to memorize, pray, and continually read these passages of Scripture out loud on an ongoing basis. We hope it helps you to use prayer as your first response in whatever you’re facing, and that you experience transformation as you grow deeper in His love.

Studying the Bible—Best Practices

Download the Best Practices Guide for helpful tips as you read and study the Bible.

Mark Reading Plan

Download the Mark Reading Plan Guide which includes helpful tips on studying the Bible.

Additional Reading Plan

Download the Additional Reading Plan to continue diving into God’s Word.

Christmas Family Devotional

We know family is an important part of the Christmas season, and we want your entire family to discover the stories of hope this December. Download the Christmas Family Devotional that will follow along with the stories told in each weekend’s message and cpKids class.



To help equip you throughout this series, we’ll be adding additional resources, reading options, and more that we hope will encourage you, provide clarity, and bring additional depth to the weekend messages. Be sure to return to this page regularly to find all of the new resources available!