stories of transformation

ian davis

Graduating from Liberty University with a degree in business, Ian had his 3-5 year plan in place to own a small business. After moving back to West Michigan, he realized the current business he was working at was not the right fit. Around the same time, he began looking for a church. Attending Chapel Pointe, and through a series of conversations, Ian realized that God had placed on his heart a conviction to step into ministry full time. Surrendering his own plans, Ian now works full time at Chapel Pointe and helping with Be The Church.

Be The Church serves the Church and her leaders as an engine for church advancement and kingdom expansion. From the very beginning the heart of Be The Church has been to unite local churches and pastors together to see communities around the world transformed by the gospel. By equipping leaders to discover and expand their spiritual influence, hurting churches can be revitalized, new churches can be planted, and leaders can be multiplied. To learn more about Be The Church visit

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