Generous Spirit, Full Surrender

The Barnabas Project

Our God is awesome! He is moving and growing the Kingdom here at Chapel Pointe and around the globe. Multiplication and transformation are happening, and we are praising God for it! Yet, we all can see that the space available within our current footprint is at capacity—not just on Sunday but also during the week. We believe our kids, students, young adults, and the larger church need more access to unapologetic, biblical teaching.

multiply transformed followers of Jesus

The Barnabas Project is a building expansion project that will create additional classrooms for training, discipleship, and teaching, as well as provide new space for counseling services and administrative offices. Through a generous spirit and a full surrender to God, Barnabas encouraged the body of believers as they learned to embrace the movement of God. We know that this expansion will allow Chapel Pointe further equip the church to, like Barnabas, boldly live a life of faith.

Expansion and Reallocation

Project Update

Last year we presented a $15 million dollar, 39,000 sq ft building expansion that will allow us to build a counseling center, add more classroom space for cpStudents and cpKids, create administrative spaces, and enable general renovations to better accommodate the people who are coming to Chapel Pointe on a Sunday. 

The original plan included a 350-person gathering space for worship, conferences, weddings, and funerals. If you saw the renderings, this is the expansion of the building out toward the North. And this component of the project is the one on which we need to pivot. After a time of prayerful decision-making, in eager anticipation of what God will do next, the leadership has realized that the form and function combination for that North addition was simply not working, especially for the dollars that would be spent on it,  which led CP leadership to say, “If God is calling us beyond this campus, and if this component of the building expansion is not working, maybe God has a better plan for those funds.”

Project Update


What about kids space?

Kids space will be gained in the upper level with the admin build allowing offices/counseling room to be relocated as well as studio and storage space. Kids should gain the equivalent of six new classrooms

What is the plan for Young Adult space?

Although not constructing a dedicated young adult/youth space on the north end of the upper gathering today, by renovating the upper lobby at entrance A as well as further improvements to the gym venue, young adults will be able to continue to grow into and utilize those improved spaces. 

Will there still be a Counseling Center?

The plan for the counseling center remains the same.

How will we still add stairs to alleviate Sunday morning traffic?

An alternate plan for adding an additional stairwell without the full building addition is being worked on.

What about my pledge?

Your pledge is needed! In fact, the administrative wing and the improvements to the gym venue, children’s spaces, and upper lobby will demand continued participation and partnership with the church family to fully accomplish. We want to plan to be able to construct the admin addition, remodel some areas for kids as well as the gym venue and lobby, and pay off all debt within the three year Barnabas campaign.

Was this a financial decision, or a strategic decision?


We were struggling to confidently land on a final design for the north building because of the moving targets of congregation size, young adult growth, increasing sense of God’s call pointing more towards BTC, and shifting venue strategy.  At the same time, the appraisal for the building came in quite lower than expected, presenting a logistical funding hurdle and prompting us to question even more the cost/benefit of the project as designed for this season.

It’s an example of CP leadership making the best decisions we can, at the time we have to make them, with the information we have available at the time…  And then being willing to reconsider and pivot, even at seemingly the 11th hour, with a spirit of humility, transparency, and unity around the shifting realities of God’s blessing and call.

Interest rates have gone up significantly in the past year, but that reality was not a major factor.  We were confident God had called us to mobilize the design/build process to keep up with his movement, and so we embarked on that a year ago, knowing then that costs and rates were going up.

What about a larger worship center?

Although not in the current plans, as we continue to prayerfully listen to God’s leading, we know that this update to today’s plans provides us time to prayerfully discern what He has for Chapel Pointe in the future.

When are we breaking ground?

The current breaking ground date is the second week of June.

Project Components

Counseling Center

Creating offices and a separate entrance for a dedicated biblical counseling center to serve individuals, couples, and families. We have a passion to provide our community with help through life’s struggles and pivotal moments with the Word of God by offering biblically trained counseling services.

“God has allowed us to walk alongside individuals, couples, and families in love and wisdom as they encounter various struggles and pains in life. Additional space would mean additional opportunities to share the message of hope and help that is only truly offered through the gospel of Jesus Christ according to Scripture.”

Andy Woodall, Marriage and Counseling

Project Components

Classroom Spaces

Ensuring room for growing programs so that all cpKids and cpStudents have access to biblical teaching and discipleship on Sunday mornings as well as throughout the week. This includes providing six additional classrooms for cpKids.

Project Components

Large Gathering Space

By renovating the upper lobby at entrance A as well as further improvements to the gym venue, young adults will be able to continue to grow into and utilize those improved spaces. 

Project Components

Administrative Space

Small conferences, team meetings, shared and open offices as well as flex workspace to support our growing staff and the ministries and community we support. The new space should accommodate 80+ employees, interns, and residents and feature the following:

• 125-person meeting room

• 24-person meeting room

• Multiple, 14-person meeting rooms

• 18 shared offices

• Exec office suites

• Open office/flex space

ways to give

We are asking you to partner with this movement of God. We invite you on a spiritual journey, asking that you diligently pray about how God may want you to give sacrificially to The Barnabas Project. The leadership has started the journey and has been blessed to see how God is responding. We want you to look back with awe, seeing what God did at Chapel Pointe as we continue to fully surrender to Him in all things.

DECREASE: Are there things in your life you can take advantage of less frequently? Maybe it’s fewer coffee runs or one less dinner out each week. By decreasing a weekly expense, regardless of what it might be, you can save a significant amount to contribute.

DO MORE: Often, there are creative ways to save money. Maybe it’s been a while since you got a quote for an existing service (ie., cell phone and cable service). Perhaps you could do some extra comparison or bargain shopping to save funds. For your kids, it could be as easy as saving extra change to give.

DELAY: Are there plans you might be making that involve a financial commitment? If so, prayerfully ask God about delaying those plans and using the extra income to contribute.

DONATE: A great way to contribute is to give existing assets. Consider giving appreciated assets (stocks, bonds, real estate) to the church. Letting us sell your assets eliminates potential capital gains taxes and may increase after-tax proceeds. Other items (such as antiques, jewelry and sports memorabilia) are better off being sold and cash is given to the church.

Our Financial team is available to discuss gifts of stocks, bonds, and other assets at 616.662.8801. All gifts are tax-deductible.

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