Middle and High School students meet at Chapel Pointe on Sunday nights to gather together in worship, the Word, and Christ-centered community.


6th-12th grade

At cpStudents, our hope is to see your student connect in a community of transformed followers of Jesus. Middle and High School students meet at Chapel Pointe on Sunday Nights.

Doors open at 6:30pm, with optional dinner available for $3 per student.
cpStudents programming begins at 7:00pm and last until 8:00pm. 


GO Weekend 2023

GO Weekend is a retreat for middle and high school students (6th-12th grade), hosted in-town at Chapel Pointe from October 6-7. Students stay overnight in Host Homes of families from our church, while coming together to engage in awesome worship experiences, make some unforgettable memories, and connect in brand new Break Out Sessions to dive deeper in their faith and be equipped to take their spiritual next steps.

  • Date: October 6 & 7
  • Where: Chapel Pointe
  • Cost: $75


what to expect

On a Sunday night, students worship, pray, hear the Bible taught, and meet in small groups. Here’s an overview of what to expect at cpStudents!

cultivating community

We value cultivating community because we believe that relationships build trust, trust allows us to speak truth, and truth brings about transformation. In cpStudents, we cultivate communities by connecting students in small groups, creating space for students to belong and draw near to Christ together as they learn what it means to be in Christ-like community.

equipping homes

We value partnering with homes because by equipping parents and guardians, we allow them to lead their homes to become followers of Jesus. In cpStudents, we partner homes with small group leaders to navigate faith and discipleship conversation, resourcing parents and students for strategic discipleship.

taking the next steps

We value taking next steps because we believe that each kid and students is on a unique journey of following Jesus and being transformed by him. In cpStudents, we take next steps by relationally leading students to identify and take next steps in their journey of transformation, and creating spaces for students to be equipped to do so.

seriously fun experiences

We value seriously fun experiences because we believe that the quickest way to a student’s heart is through fun, laughter, and shared stories. We create awesome moments and a consistently authentic culture in every experience that break down relational walls and allow students to have real conversations about faith and life.

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common questions

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do I need to register for cpStudents?

Students who visit cpStudents but are not pre-registered are welcome, but we will need a parent to complete the registration upon arrival.

when and where does cpStudents meet?

cpStudents meets on Sunday nights from 6:30-8:00 pm at Chapel Pointe. Doors open at 6:30 pm, with optional dinner offered for $3 per student.

Middle School students check in at the upper gathering area at entrance B, and High School students check-in in the lower gathering area at entrance C.

do middle school and high school meet separately?

To best serve both demographics of our ministry, our middle school students and high school students gather separately for the duration of cpStudents.

What are student Network Groups

Network Groups are students who leverage relationships to connect other students to Jesus. A Network Group could comprise classmates, teammates, friends, or anyone who falls within a student’s sphere of influence.


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