Small Groups

small groups
small groups

Connect in a Group

We want to help everyone who calls Chapel Pointe their home church connect in biblical community, and small groups are the perfect place to start. Small Groups are groups of people that apply the Word, care for each other, and serve the world together.


What To Expect

Belonging to a small group brings opportunities for growth in your knowledge of the Bible, prayer, caring for others, and serving our community! We can’t wait for you to connect in a group.

How many people are in a small group?

We try to keep our groups to a maximum of 14.

How do you determine which group I will be placed in?

There is a form to fill out which helps us get to know a little bit about you. Our small group’s pastor uses this information to place you in a group.

How often, where, and how long do they meet?

It is up to the group to set the frequency of their meetings, where they will meet, and how long they will last, but at least every-other-week connection is expected.

How long will my group stay together?

Our desire is to continually be multiplying the number of people who are sharing in community. To this end, our groups typically launch a new group within 2 years. The goal is to have the current leader be mentoring someone within the group to start and lead another group.

What if the group I am placed in is not a good fit?

We will make every effort to place you in a group where you will thrive relationally and spiritually. If we need to make a change, we will!

Do you offer childcare?

It is up to the group to decide whether or not childcare will be provided, and then provide that childcare.

What will we be doing?

Relationship building, biblical learning, praying, serving, and whatever else you dream up!

Will I be expected to share personal or private experiences with the group?

You can determine how much you are comfortable sharing, but the more you are willing to let others know you, the deeper your relationships can grow!

I am not confident in my faith and biblical knowledge yet. will I need to answer deep theological questions?

Small groups are a safe place to ask questions, learn and take next steps.

small groups

Connect With Us

We want to make sure that your small group is a good fit! If you are interested in small groups or want to learn more about joining a group, fill out this short form.

small groups

Join a Group

We know that transformation is a continual process and that growth happens in biblical community. Is your next step to join a small group?


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