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A weekly message series to give biblical language for the issues of life . . .
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A weekly message series to give biblical language for the issues of life . . .
Watch the MessagesConnect in a Group

In a world that seems broken, confused, and in constant conflict, Jesus speaks truth with clarity and grace. We should be talking about this.

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Week 7


We live in a broken world. Sin has corrupted everything. Just sitting down and watching the news can bring so much sadness. There is so much wrong with the world that it can steer us to total apathy. But Christians have hope! We know this is not the end. We live in light of the future! God will have the final word!

Week 6


It doesn’t matter what your income is or what zip code you live in. Everyone experiences suffering. We live in a broken world where sin has brought about suffering. What is your story? How have you experienced suffering? God entered into our suffering. God became man in Jesus Christ. Jesus was rejected and suffered at the hands of His own creation. Jesus knows what it is to suffer. He hears our prayers and is able to point us to a future hope of restoration.

Week 5


As humans, we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Our emotions are part of God’s beautiful design. We experience fear, because it keeps us safe. However, we can’t stay in a constant state of fear. When we live in a constant state of anxiety, we aren’t able to fully enjoy the people and experiences that God has for us. The good news is that God is in control. We can go to Him in prayer with whatever we are experiencing. In our joy, sadness, pain, anxiety, etc. He is there. He is constant.

Week 4


Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. That is more than just a suggestion. It is a call to live in a specific manner as a citizen of the Kingdom of God. This is not saying we should love sin. We should hate sin and the brokenness of our world that sin brings. We are called to love one another and follow in the steps of Christ. Think about it. While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. See people how God sees them. See the potential that God has for them. Speak directly against sin. Show love for people.

Week 3


Pick which side you are on. We have been doing that since grade school. We get on opposing teams and fight against our opponent to win the game. As Christians, we need to realize that there is a bigger game going on. You can choose to be Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, etc. The bigger question is are you a citizen of the Kingdom of God? Are you fighting for the things God cares about? 

Week 2


Diversity is part of God’s design. He has created us uniquely and we all have different gifts and abilities that we contribute to the world. People should never lose their voice or be discredited because of their skin color. God has created everyone in His image. Our identity is firmly rooted in Christ. In God’s eyes, we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. 

Week 1


Our worldview matters. How do you see the world around you? What lenses shape how you see the world? A biblical worldview is thinking God’s thoughts about the issues of life. 

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